How to Maintain and Clean Your Floor

Iíd like to start by saying congratulations on your new floor! Rhino Home Pro has spent years developing and refining the processes and products that were used to create your floor. While your floor was designed to and will provide you with years and years of service without showing any signs of wear occasional cleaning will help it maintain its finish and keep it looking like new. For those of you who would like to go the extra mile a coat of wax will provide an additional wear surface over the top of your floor. Feel free to give us a call for a wax recommendation at the number list below.

maintain floormaintain floor

First things first, soap is bad! I know it sounds wrong but itís true. Soaps are very difficult to rinse completely off of your floor and will leave residues behind that will make your floor very slippery when itís wet and help dust and grit that may cause wear to get its grip on your floor.

The cleaning and care instructions below apply to all residential, garage, commercial and industrial Rhino Home Pro floors.

Things you will want to have on hand for cleaning:
1. Lemon Fresh Joy soap or dish soap of your choice (for spot cleaning only)
2. A soft foam squeegee, very common available at (LOWES or Home Depot stores).
3. Soft bristled garage style push broom.
4. Soft bristled scrub brush for spot cleaning.
5. 5 gallon Bucket.
6. Small cup for spot cleaning.
7. Ammonia common household use.
8. A Wet/dry vac for winter use (optional).

General cleaning:

1. Fill your bucket with warm water.
2. Add 10% ammonia to the water in the bucket. (NO SOAP!!) 
3. Spread the contents of your bucket around on your floor and scrub gently with your push broom to free up dirt and dust.
4. Using your foam squeegee move your dust dirt and water mixture to a drain, place for collection with a wet/dry vac or even out the door if itís summer time. 
Your floor should squeegee nearly dry and the dust dirt and ammonia water mixture is not harmful in any way to you or the environment.

maintain floor

Spot cleaning: For grease oil and dark stains.

1. Partially fill your small cup with warm water.
2. Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of soap. A tablespoon or 2 should be all it takes to get the job done; the less you are able to use the better.
3. Pour your soapy water on your spot and scrub with your hand broom to remove the spot.
4. We recommend that you blot up this soapy water mixture with a paper towel or garage rag prior to general cleaning


Thank you for choosing Guardian Coating Solutions. We can only hope that you are as happy with your floor as we are for providing it for you. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call any time.

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