Slip/Fall Prevention

In some ways a slip and fall accident doesn’t sound serious and most times a slip or fall only results in a scratch, scrape or bruise but what about the stories you’ve heard from friends about broken arms, legs, wrists and hips or the tweaked backs, shoulders and necks? You may be surprised to learn that statistics from the National Safety Council show that:

  • Slips and falls are the single most common reason for emergency room visits.
  • 70% of slips and falls occur on level ground.

    Slip and fall protection is a significant issue for all floors including; garage floors, tile flooring and other commercial and industrial floors.

    Guardian Coating Solutions learned years ago that adding slip and fall protection to a floor by sprinkling on material just doesn’t work. The material added for your protection either becomes unglued from the floor and is swept away like sand or it simply wears down and loses it effectiveness. To solve this problem Guardian Coating Solutions suspends slip and fall protection material in it’s coatings making them permanent and part of the floor. We can adjust the size and amount of grip to meet your specific needs for your floor. Using this process means that even as a floor wears it will maintain it’s ability to protect you from slip and fall accidents.

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